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With one single post on Instagram, Bet on Silver was established in March 2018.

Everything starts with recovery.

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting my website! I started buying silver in 2017. I was on Keeping it Sober and met a blogger who introduced me to silver. I took an interest and later on that week I bought my first silver buffalo round. I got up to about 19 ounces of silver, when my wife and I found out she was pregnant. So I sold what I had for extra money. To my surprise, silver held its value! I can’t say that I made money, but I absolutely did not lose money, or at least not much. That peaked my interest and I vowed once financially stable, I would collect silver again. And good thing for you, I kept my word! (Accept for the financially stable part…!)

However before I get into the detail of why silver, why here, and why me? Let me start were it all began, which was when I got sober in 2013. The reason why this is significant is because two things. First, If I don’t have recovery from drugs and alcohol, then I have nothing. Second, if recovery taught me anything, it’s that such as life, everything is a slow process. However along that “slow process” is where the journey lives and breathes. And that is what you are part of right at this moment, “my silver journey.”

More shall be revealed…!

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