September 2020

It’ never to early to start thinking about the perfect gift for that someone special!!!

Double-down with two releases & a GAW in September

Support the Pour-Third Release

The third and last release of the “Support the Pour” button in 2020 is the best yet! With 20 pieces scheduled to release this month, each button is stamped with the ‘awareness” ribbon to promote a various of causes.

Silver GAW

In August the odds for winning the BOS Silver GAW were amazing with only 16 entries. This month will be no different. The GAW goal is to give back to the silver community, not obtain likes or follows. This enables BOS silver to cap the GAW entries low, so the chances of you winning are high! Be on the look out for GAW instructions on the Bet on Silver YouTube Channel.

Introducing the 2020 “Keep it Classy” Stamp

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