All silver is .999FS, Hand Poured & Polished in the U.S.A

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Hand Poured Silver

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September 2021 What to look out for!!!

For many reasons, September is always an exciting month! Football is back, the Fall is rolling in, class begins, and new silver stamps are on the way! I have exciting news! Yes it is a new stamp, however It belonged to a former Instagram pour artist. I realized this person was not pouring anymore and reached out. I was informed that due to none of my business reasons, the pouring and stamping had stopped. I’ve always felt this Instagrammer and Pour Artist is without a doubt a class act, and I wanted to bring his stamp back to the conversation. So, be on the look out, a new stamp is on it’s way!!!!!


$19 Dollar Silver Anyone?

August 2020

New Prototypes in the works!

Melting and Stamping a 3 ozt pour

Mid-Week Silver opens the week at 25.82 according to

Hand Poured Silver 2.6 Troy ounce .999FS

Silver is at $25.93 this Wednesday according to

New Silver Pour, Mandalorian Helmet, added to the BOS Registry.

This weekend’s Pours

June 14th – 18th 2021

Silver falls going into the weekend.

Crypto dips going into the weekend.

If I had $1000 to invest right now, where would it go?

Updated 6-16-2021 6:19 AM

Updated June 15th 2021 5:53 AM

Altcoin, not named Doge, has significant gains.

Silver opens the week .20 down after holding at 28.02 over the weekend according to

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How to Price your Silver, this weeks blog by JR Valdes.

What a $1000 investment in these stocks would look like today.

Bet on Silver Weekend Sales Reports

How to Price your Hand Poured Silver

It’s time to Re-Think Doge Updated 6-8-2021

Upcoming Podcast: Using Email Marketing to Sale Silver: Does it work?

The Antiqued Soldier- Hand poured and Crafted by Bet on Silver.

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