Shop Affordable & Unique X-mas Gifts that won’t Break your Wallet

Grandma had it right. Line up the kiddos on Christmas Eve and gift them $5 each. We impatiently waited in line peeking ahead just to resolve last minute uncertainties that ran through out head. But we knew what we were going to get, we knew when we were going to get it, and some of us even spent the money before the money even burned our little hands. Those were the good ole days.

Fast forward 30 years later. Kids are easy these days. Amazon wish list, overnight shipping, and hell, I’ll even Venmo money to my daughter with a Christmas Tree Emoji attached. You prepare and save for the people closest to your heart. However, there is one person who gets you every time during the holidays. And that person is the unannounced guest, dun, dun, duuuuun!

The unannounced guest is clever, classy, and well mannered. He or she is well read, likes but does comment on your Facebook post, and understands the Art of Timing. They know exactly what they are doing when showing up Christmas morning, or legit have no family. The unannounced guest regifted the Poinsettias they just gave you. You are their pit-stop on a cross country road trip. They travel alone. The unannounced guest does just enough to hit you in your feels, and not inch more. And your kids love them.

Here are Bet on Silver we have the perfect solution for the unannounced holiday guest. Always crafted in-house and guaranteed to be .999FS unless otherwise noted, we have priced unique hand poured silver and other tokens crazy affordable. Here are 6 affordable items that you can’t go wrong with, just in case the unannounced guest crashes your holiday season:

Having these unique hand-crafted .999FS items handy, will ease your mind and stress, this holiday season no matter which unannounced guest decides to bless you with their presence. On behalf of Bet on Silver and my family we wish you and your loved ones a safe and sober holiday season!

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