Is Silver worth Investing?

If you Bet on Silver, you will always have money.

1 Troy Ounce Silver Round .999FS

One of the super-unique advantages from buying Bet on Silver is that all items, unless specified, are hand crafted from .999 Fine Silver. Different from sterling silver, .999 Fine silver, or .999FS is the purest silver you can buy. The precious metal is attached to the daily spot price plus a premium and is also legal tender back by their nation.

Hand-milled 1 Troy Ounce Silver Round .999FS

Bet on silver uses silver rounds, rather than silver coins, for melting, pouring, and ring making. Silver rounds are the same purity .999FS, as silver coins, only they are not legal tender backed by their respective government. Like mentioned earlier, silver is attached to the daily spot price, and also weight. Silver is measured by Troy Ounces. One troy ounce of silver, which is usually a coin or round, will be X amount of dollars according the daily spot price. It does not matter if it’s a silver coin or silver round, at the end of the day, it all melts the same.

So when you are buying a Bet on Silver Spider-Man, a Bet on Silver Ring, or a Bet on Silver keychain, you can be assured that you are not only buying, but you are investing as well!

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