Dogecoin Re-think: Is it time to let go?

Editor’s Random Thoughts

I was eating breakfast and talking stocks with the wisest man in the world this past Sunday, my Father, and he said something that has been stuck in my head for the past couple of days. It was actually just one word.

My father is the type of man who no matter how much you think you know what you are doing, he’ll sum up your current situation in one sentence and send you to outer-space to re-think every decision you made from birth to now. You will walk away from the conversation with the paradigm shift of all paradigm shifts. You’ll then go home and hug your pillow.

In 2013 when he picked me up from rehab, ( I’m 8 years clean & sober), I will never forget the emotions I felt when he negotiated the price of a vehicle he was buying for me and didn’t budge over a measly $50.

“Fifty-dollars,” the General Manager screamed while running out of his office after his sales associate informed him of my father’s final offer. “You’re going to walk away over $50?”

Needless to say, I drove away with a car straight-out-of rehab. And to this day my daughter now drives that vehicle. However this weekend felt a lot like that day.


Fundamentals is the word my father used. And like the theme song to Moana, it plays over and over in my head. (If you have little ones you know exactly what I mean.) Fundamentals of a business I’ve come to learn is basically the money in and out of a business. Basically. And before you invest in a company you are going to want to do a Fundamental Stock Analysis. Now I am not here, or knowledgeable to talk about the fundamentals of Dogecoin or any company for that matter, however I have one question, maybe two.

First, when is the last time you bought something in Dogecoin? (Besides other crypto). And when is the last time you got paid in Dogecoin?

So just off the top of my head. Dogecoin made a lot of people rich in early 2021. It was hyped up for 4/20, Saturday Night Live, and Coinbase. And on everyone of those days it was a bust. The meme coin, or hype coin, I like to call it, has a lot of conversation around it, however it’s not being used enough on a regular basis to hold value. As of this writing, Doge is .3246 as 12% drop in the past 24 hours according to I hesitated last Friday and did not sell like I usually do on weekends, and I’m paying for it right now.

HODL’ers (Hold on for Dear Life) of Dogecoin will tell you the digital currency is for long-term, yet in the same breath is hyping 6/9 (tomorrow) as the new day Doge will sky rocket to the moon! As for me, I am selling off my Doge in one of my accounts as soon it hits it’s average. In another exchange I’ll HODL (which I hate that acronym by the way). However, I feel like it’s time to put the hype aside and ask yourself two questions to be your own judge and jury:

When is the last time you bought something using Doge?

When is the last time you got paid in Doge?

One more question just for funnzies, How you ever been to the moon?

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