June 3rd, Morning Expresso

Updated 2:01 PM Central June 3rd 2021

Dogecoin appears to be losing ground as it dips to .37 on the day Coinbase Pro opened up trade options for the Altcoins. You can track Dogecoin (DOGE) here on Coinbase Pro.

As or 7:10AM Central Time

Silver kicks in Thursday morning at $27.68 losing it’s gains from yesterday, down .48 according to Kitco.com.

Dogecoin (DOGE) is at .041 via RobinHood.com, as Coinbase Pro is facilitating Dogecoin transfers on their exchange today. The Bet on Silver predicts small gains today due to the Coinbase move. Here’s more on the story.

Today begins a series of silver sales on Instagram, starting with a 24-hour auction for a 4.2 Troy Ounce Silver Bar starting at $1.00, here’s how to get in on the action. Bet on Silver Auction.

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