Coinbase Pro Navigates Doge to the Green

8:00PM Central Time

The Dogecoin wave of emotions is at it again with the recently announced news that Coinbase Pro will be accepting Doge transfers per multiple outlets reports.

The Crypto Market was down again today with two of the biggest crypto currency’s Bitcoin and Ethereum each in the red. However the meme-altcoin Doge, had some significant news today regarding one of the most popular crypto exchange’s Coinbase, pushing Dogecoin in the green.

Nikhilesh De, reporter at wrote, “…users could transfer DOGE into their professional trading accounts, with trading expected to launch on Thursday ‘if liquidity conditions are met.’”

As of right now, Doge is set to be able to transfer on the professional version of Coinbase, Coinbase Pro. However, if everything goes well, the retail version of Coinbase App and website will follow.

One response to “Coinbase Pro Navigates Doge to the Green”

  1. […] As of 5:17 AM Dogecoin momentum from yesterdays surge in the green continues as Dogecoin has hit .40 this early Wednesday morning. This will be fun to watch going into Thursday and the next few weeks, here’s why. […]


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