The Grind

Sticking with routines

If your eyes are fighting to stay open, you are at the right site. The mid-week grind has us lethargic, unmotivated, and ready to take a nap even though you just clocked in 1 hour and 12 minutes ago. Daily routine’s are important. Consistency is important. Actually practicing those things is priceless. That’s why us here at is going to give one tip on how to stay on track during the mid-week grind.

  1. Fight for your Rights, to stay awake!

I don’t know why it happens, but it seems like every Wednesday I am fighting to stay awake. My eye lids feel like bags of concrete and I am rolling the dice closing them for a minute with my office door wide open. The more I check the silver spot price, the more I yawn. But I think about all the long silver pouring sessions I grinded out for hours and hours at a time. In between pours I hit my weight bench, or walked my dogs. I basically started a routine within my routine and the results were positive! With that, I started planning a routine within my mid-week routine. Instead of sitting at my desk, I ran paperwork back-and-forth to the printer or shredder. I walked by my co-workers office to see how I could be of help. Last I did a quick gratitude list to remind myself how lucky I am to be employed in this crazy time we live in! For the moment, these things are working for me. Now it’s your turn to spread the knowledge of the importance of a routine within a routine!

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