Feb News Round-up

February was a rough, but productive month. The sales from the live auction on Instagram was very disappointing. As well as the TEP Coins bought for short-term trade. Unless sales on IG spike, there will be a lot of left over inventory to start March. However, like Tommy from stacking.nyc says, “if you have silver, then you have money!” Furthermore, new metals, not silver, were purchased as well as crypto currencies. A new platform for online auctions was very successful and helped regain momentum on the last days of February. Here’s the short-list of the good, the bad, and the ugly!

May be coming out with a proto in March!
  1. Gimmickee Silver- I made some horrible purchase’s this month, there is just no other way to say it. I bought into the “Pac-Man” and “Peanuts” releases on Apmex and they did not pay-off. I will be holding them into March, to where I hope I can sell and make a little extra, but I am not holding my breath. Easily the worst purchase of the month would be the Super Bowl LV coin I bought. No way it holds it’s price and I may just end up keeping it as a cool token and reminder of Tom Brady’s success in the NFL. Buying off Apmex has been rapid lately to which I am not meeting my goal of cutting back purchase’s from the online bullion as stated in my 2021 goals podcast.
  2. IG live auction- In retrospect, I probably should not have scheduled an Instagram live auction on Valentine’s weekend. However, I did so well in January in the Saturday afternoon time slot, I thought it would be a repeat. I was terribly wrong! Sales were only $130 and attendance was minimal. It was not all bad, I realized that during high spot prices and higher premiums, collectors were more careful with their buying habits.
  3. After the fact, my collection of Armenia Silver, AKA, the Noah’s Ark Coin, paid off in value. It’s not a secret, however people do not realize that the Noah’s Ark coins, first released in 2011, are produced by Geiger, the same produces of Geiger Edelmetalle Silver, the very prestigious metal that is well respected around the world and holds more than it’s share of silver value. I listed my collection on Instagram and a collector bought they entire lot, paying what I asked. The collection and timing to sell, definitely paid-off.
  4. Last, with the sales and profit of my Noah’s Ark Coin collection I bought 5 Grams of gold, and invested in a very minimal amount of crypto currency. Also, sales on Ebay, which are new to Bet on Silver, have sky rocketed on track to be the top platform to sell B.O.S. silver pours! I know exciting!!!!
Sold on Ebay!!!

As March looks to be a month of opportunity and growth for B.O.S., you can follow along my silver journey from hobby to extra income right here on The Silver Penny Blog & new Silver Penny Podcast!. (Coming soon, very soon!!)

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