The List: Silver Sellers on Instagram

instagramGeeze, you try do something nice for the newcomers buying silver on social media platforms and it turns into a “bitter-bunch of cry babies,” who proclaim the list is stupid and bias. It’s the Freshman who didn’t make the team syndrome. No complaints from the “Top” however this is what the BCS must of felt like before they changed to a playoff system, (Which I totally disagree with).

But, here’s the deal. The attitude and negativity displayed in the comments when “you” weren’t on the list, is probably the exact reason why no one talked about you. This list not only showed an unbias opinion of reputable sellers to buy from,  even more it showed the true character and d-bagness (I think I just made up a word), of the sellers that proclaim their expertise.

The list is not about, how much silver you have or the million deals you did. Nor is it about how many years you’ve been living in you mom’s basement collecting and selling rare coins on Ebay. It’s simply about who’s cool to buy from, who’s not going to burn you and who takes that extra step whether it’s sending a hand written note, or just not making it about themselves.

The list is for new buyers on social media, not your ego. instagram1

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